Welcome to the RSPB Swift Survey!

Swifts take incredible migration routes each year, but sadly we’ve seen a 53% decline in their breeding numbers between 1995 and 2016.The purpose of this survey is to record locations of swift nest sites around the UK. This information can then be used by local authority planners, architects, ecologists and developers to find out where swift hotspots are located around the country and therefore mitigate to protect breeding swifts during building development. This conservation planning tool plays an important role in reversing the decline of this charismatic migrant bird.

Please note, swift records submitted to the swift survey during previous years have been retained and are making a difference for swift conservation.

If entering or viewing swift records for Northern Ireland, please ensure the map settings are set to Northern Ireland in the menu tab, then enter a "place name" in the search tool on the map.

If entering or viewing swift records for Great Britain, please ensure the map settings are set to Great Britain in the menu tab, then enter a "place name" or "postcode" in the search tool on the map.

When viewing records, the map shows records for swifts seen at nesting sites OR swifts seen flying/screaming overhead. The data are stored as two separate map layers. To check which data-set you are viewing, and to switch between the two, please click on the ‘menu’ button at the top right corner of the map, then select the relevant record type option, and then close the dialogue box.

If you have any issues, please consult our FAQ page.If you don't find what you are looking for there, you can email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your contribution.

Surveying for swifts

To submit a swift record or view swift records, please click on the corresponding button below. Thank you for using the RSPB Swift Survey.

Identifying swifts

Swifts are often confused with other birds, such as swallows and house martins. If you would like to check that the bird you have seen is a swift please see the RSPB swift identification webpage

Giving swifts a home

For swift nestboxes and swift bricks please see:

The RSPB shop

Swift Conservation's shop

Action for Swifts DIY swift box designs

Swift bricks

Surveying for swifts

Interested in carrying out more comprehensive swift surveys in your area? Please email us at [email protected] to find out about surveying opportunities local to you.